Three ways you can use coffee to boost your weight loss efforts.

I believe in the power of coffee. You will often hear me sing its praises. Coffee like any substance has to be used properly to reap the full benefits. Here are three ways to incorporate coffee while on a weight control program.


#1 Meal Replacement

It would be safe to assume that you have heard of Bulletproof coffee by now. The tenant behind Bulletproof coffee, in a nutshell, is fat plus caffeine equals good. You can read the original recipe here. I am currently not drinking the Bulletproof formula, my variation is simply grass-fed cream.

Here is my take on the science behind why it works. When you combine sugar and caffeine, you are creating a quick burning inferno. Carbohydrates were meant for quick fuel. Caffeine is a stimulant. Sugar, milk plus coffee equals quick energy rush and really quick crash. You are left starving, jittery, and irritable.

Fat is a slow burning fuel. Fat makes you feel full and satisfied. The caffeine comes in and gives you the boost to start the day, and the fat burns slowly so you can delay your meal.

So ditch the disgusting faux creamer for the real thing, and see if you get results.

#2 Energy Booster

One of the biggest complaints people have about weight loss programs or any dietary changes is fatigue. Reducing calories or shifting macros from eating carbs to fat/protein is a shock to the system. It is temporary, but so many people get discouraged at this point and give up.

Here is coffee to save the day! Instead of stimulant pills or energy drinks with toxic levels of everything, try a cup of java instead.

#3 Low-calorie treat

I look forward daily to my coffee as my special treat. The sweet cream, the hot coffee…sigh how can one drink bring so much happiness.

There are so many ways that you can add a little pizzazz to your daily cup, and not derail any weight control goals you have.

Cinnamon and nutmeg are lovely spices to add to your drinks. Unsweetened cocoa powder can help you create the mocha flavor that you are missing. Coconut milk, nut milk… the list is nearly endless on how to elevate your coffee drinking experience to pure bliss.

Try something different to jazz up your brew and I guarantee you will find something you like.

In conclusion, I am a firm believer that coffee can help your attempts to lose weight, and keep it off. Try one of my tips and see if it can help to accelerate your results.



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