Today is a very unrated holiday called Juneteenth. It commemorates the day that news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas. Here is the kicker, it was over two years after it became official when the news arrived.

According to, there are three stories that circulate as to why it took so long for the news to get to Texas:

  1. The messenger bringing the news Texas was intentionally killed
  2. The news was withheld from slaves to keep them enslaved
  3. The federal government allowed this to go on so the farmers could harvest their cotton crop.

No matter which reason it was or whether it was a combination of all three, people were free and did not know it.

What does this history tidbit have to do with health and wellness? After personally struggling and watching people I love struggle with various health conditions, I believed I was a slave to whatever my genetic and environment dictated.

The only salvation I could have imagined came in the form of a prescription or procedure. When doctors said there were no cures or alternatives, all hope was abandoned, and I resigned myself to my fate.

However, being a lifelong critic and skeptic, I began to wonder is there more to the story. Are there other forces at work keeping us from living a full, healthy life?

The Western medical system is a broken, flawed juggernaut. Its focus is profits, not patients. When you allow yourself to see that, you will begin your journey to freedom.

This bloated, inflamed, diseased state we now live in, is not natural. Before the industrial revolution, people died of acute disease, not chronic disease. Translation: people got sick from fast acting pathogens, not slow internal deaths.

I am here today to declare your freedom. There is life beyond pill popping. There is hope beyond constant fatigue and pain. There is a better path to the road to wellness.

An invitation is being extended to you to join me, as we take back control of our lives. The power over your health could be as close as your fork to your mouth.

This website will be dedicated to bringing you the best and well-informed information on alternative, complementary, and natural ways to prevent disease, and treat illness.

I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. I am a human who decided that I do not need permission to be well. If you do, this is not the site for you, and you should consult a physician. I do not dispense medicine, just knowledge. What you do with it is your choice, and therein lies the power.

Join the revolution to fight against the rise of diabetes, Alzheimers, autism, obesity, and every other disease wrecking havoc in our lives.

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