Different ways to get Magnesium

Magnesium has so many benefits. What you need it for will dictate what form you use. Here are some products that I use in my house to supplement with magnesium.

# 1 Magnesium spray

I first became excited about magnesium for my developmentally disabled son who had emotional/sleep disturbances. I do not use prescription medication with him, so I was always looking for natural remedies.

Magnesium is reported to assist with mood and sleep, so I was immediately sold. My son could not swallow pills, and he was very resistant to you putting powders in his drink.

The answer for me was magnesium spray. The beautiful thing is our skin has this amazing absorption quality. It eliminates kids fighting you over taste or texture.(It is fine for adults as well).

The only warning is if you are deficient, which there is a high probability that you are, it could “sting” or “itch” when you put it on.

There is a simple solution around that problem, your feet. You can absorb magnesium through your feet and it eliminates the “tingling” sensation.

I bought my magnesium spray online, but I would check with a local health store like GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe.

#2 Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt was one of those things I heard “old folks” talk about when I was young, but I dismissed it. I thought it was silly to soak in salt. I thought it was table salt with a fancy name.

Epsom salt is not sodium like table salt, but rather Magnesium Sulfate.

Again, the reason I was drawn to this product was my son. It was another way to administer the Magnesium without him swallowing involved.

We put it in his bath, which was so transformative on his mood and behavior. When you combine the relaxing action of bathing with magnesium it is utter magic.

Once upon a time, I was prone to chronic and constant muscle spasms. The warmth of a bath in conjunction with the Epsom Salt helped to alleviate my pain.

Epsom salt can be found at the drug store or at the grocery.

You have two choices. Near the bandages or digestive aids, you will get a big bag at an economical price. If you buy it from the bath and body section, you can get products that are mixed with essential oils and other ingredients at a higher cost/lower quantity.

#3 Magnesium Pills

I take a Magnesium supplement as part of my daily vitamin regime. Magnesium is essential for heart health and so much more. With a family history of heart disease, it is imperative for me to supplement with Magnesium.

There are so many choices on the market for Magnesium. You have to do some research yourself. You should be able to get this book from your local library or at least be able to get a copy online.

It is o.k. to start out with drugstore brands, but I feel like your health is an investment. Are you getting the best quality when you pay the lowest cost? Probably not. I do not spend extreme amounts of money on my supplements, but I feel better when a brand stands behind the purity of their products and I can get good reviews from like-minded people.

#4 Powered Magnesium Drink

Calm is a brand of Magnesium drink. By its name, it indicates that the drink is geared toward using Magnesium for mood/sleep issues. It is Magnesium citrate, which can help with constipation. It is not a high dose, so no fear of a strong laxative effect.

Calm comes in a variety of flavors and unflavored if you prefer. You can find it in regular grocery stores, although it is buried under the big name over the counter remedies. You can absolutely find it in health food stores, and of course online.

#5 Pre- mixed Magnesium Citrate

This is the holy grail of constipation cures in my opinion and I do not understand why it is so underrated. It comes a bottled drink in a variety of flavors. In order to find it you have to channel your inner Indiana Jones because it is literally buried under all the drug based products, but it is there and it is worth looking for.

I stumbled across this product when I needed a cure for the chronic constipation my kids were experiencing. Over the counter, remedies were not working, and they were expensive. The natural remedies like prune juice and fiber were a nasty waste of time and money.

Magnesium citrate causes a laxative effect. The first few times…it can be surprisingly strong. So I advise drinking a little at a time so you can learn how much you need to go.

I have used it on myself and my kids and it works. I suggest it to anyone who asks me about immediate relief.

You can find it at every grocery store, pharmacy etc… It is usually near the floor on the bottom shelf

* Side Note: This version of magnesium has saccharin in it. Saccharin used to have a warning attached, but updated research has shown that warning was unwarranted.

For me and my family, we are not consuming this daily, so I am not concerned. I am more worried about the complications of constipation, then side effects of this sweetener.

If you are not comfortable with saccharin, I would try to use the Calm product (which is the same thing, lower dose) and increase the dose until you find relief.

I hope this overview of Magnesium helps you if there is someone you think this article could help, please share it with them. Be free and be well.


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