Who is the voice of the Maquis? Well, that would be me. M.Leigh. I am the owner of the site and the visionary behind the movement (deep sounding, right).


I have already explained the what of the site on the Join the Revolution page and here in this introductory post. In brief, this site is geared those looking for practical, applicable information that can help improve their health and achieve wellness. Most of what you will find here will focus on alternative, complementary and natural remedies. Occasionally, I will discuss conventional treatments/methods, but you can typically find that type of information regurgitated everywhere.


Why is there no picture of your face plastered all over the website? Everyone follows this trend of putting their mugs on websites. Allegedly, YOU like that, it is said that it makes you want to read more (then why don’t author put selfies on every page of their book?)

Here are the reasons you do not get to see the wizard behind the curtain:

  • This is not my personal reality show. I am not an exhibitionist by nature and sharing my thoughts is enough exposure, without the photo gallery.
  • You are human. Humans have this failing of being distracted by too much information. My gender, race, orientation,etc…would suddenly be a message that you would have to filter through. Not what I am here for.
  • The Healthcare Maquis is not about me, but the mission. The mission is to spread information to save lives.


How can you be a part of what I am doing? One way is to subscribe so we can stay in touch and I can send you information on how to achieve freedom through health and wellness.

You could also spread the word by sharing what you find on the site, by using the social media buttons below.

More important to me than you reading my articles or clicking on my links is if you implement some changes in your life for the better. I really do want you to live the best life that you possibly can.