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Eating out is a habit that many of us struggle with. I hear many complaints about how hard it is to be a busy person and find a way to eat nutritious food.

When we eat out, we lose control. Control of our budget. Control of what is put in the food. And unfortunately, we lose control of our health because we are playing Russian Roulette with what is going in our mouth.

I gave up most fast food/eating out along time ago. But there are some things that my family still enjoys.

I do not think you have to forgo life’s pleasures to live healthily. Just make sure you have true moderation/control in how you live your life.

I believe in practicing what I preach. I am restricting me and my family from eating out for the entire month of September with the exception of the two September birthdays in our house.

Here are our rules:

  1. No drive-thru
  2. No carry-out
  3. No delivery

Those are my only rules. This is not a clean eating challenge. That is for another challenge. The only rule this round is to eat at home. If we want pizza, it will be frozen or DIY. If we want a burger, it has to be made from home.

So many people complain about the side effects of eating out. I talk about many of them in my digestion series. I hope that if I can prove that it is possible for a busy family of five to eat at home for 28 days, then you can too.

I will be posting pictures of our daily dinners on our Facebook page, and Twitter 

I have a complicated life. There are multiple schedules, food allergies,etc…so I often cook multiples meals. So some days, you might get to see several ideas because I had to cook several meals.

It is always my goal and dream to find meals that we all can share, but when you have dietary restrictions that is not always possible. BUT it is not an excuse.

If I can do it, you can do it.

I am not asking anyone to join me, although I would love if you did. This challenge is designed to be inspiration.

How much money could you save, how better could you feel, and how healthier could you and your family after just one month of change?

I hope you follow my adventures for the next month, Be free and be well.



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